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Rental PolicyAdvertise With Us
Display counters
LED vases/coolers
Bell shaped vases
Envelope box
Candle holders
Vintage frame
Vase 30cm
LG apothecary jar

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You've got the tables and chairs and the venue for your party...but what sets your event apart from the rest is the wow factor of your decor...

Welcome to Curacao Parties, your online party rental store.

We have various decorations and supplies for rent for weddings, theme parties and children's parties. Browse and see if there's anything you can find to make your event the next big thing. We can also offer customer advice on how to use the decorations in addition to offering decorating services for your wedding, party or children's party.

Our decorations are different and fun and our prices affordable. IMPORTANT: Please note that all our prices are per item and also show quantity available. Happy browsing!