Minimum rental requirement: A minimum rental of NAf. 50,-  is required.
Payment: Payment of all rental items must be done in full, prior to rental. No refunds on unused equipment. Payments need to be made in cash or transfered by bank prior to rental.
Security Deposit: A security deposit is required at the time of reservation. This security deposit is fully refundable upon return of all items checked in and no damages to the items. Orders less than or equal to NAf. 100,-  require a NAf. 100,- security deposit. Orders greater than NAf. 100.- require a NAf. 150,- security deposit. Deposit can be paid in cash only.
Cancellation: Please be aware that once we reserve an order, other orders may be turned away to honor your request. In the event you need to cancel an order within 15 days of your event you will be charged 25% of your deposit.
Pick up and drop off: Pick up and drop off Monday to Saturday (9 am - 5pm).
Late returns: Any equipment, supplies returned after "DATE AND TIME DUE IN" is subject to additional charges.
Breakage & Damage: All equipment must be returned in the same quantity and condition that you receive them in. (i.e. no tears, rips, burn holes, or dents). The Renter who is renting from October Butterfly is liable for any damages, breakage, loss or theft of the equipment and supplies, whether by accident, negligence or unforeseen circumstances and replacement cost will be charged accordingly.  All broken or damaged items must be returned or they will be charged full price of loss of item. Full replacement cost will apply to an item that is rendered unusable or missing upon return of your order.
Delivery and pick up: Delivery and pick up, a minimum fee of NAf. 35,- will be charged, depending on location.
Notification: Please call to notify if equipment is missing or not working properly
Prices: Prices are per item per day in Antillean Guilders (NAf) and do not include 6% tax. Prices subject to change.
Packaging: All Equipment must be returned in the boxes or containers in which they were delivered.

Any service that is rendered without prior arrangement at time of delivery and/or pick up are subject to additional charges. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless October Butterfly from any and all liability, claims, damages actions and causes of actions whatsoever which many arise from the customer’s use of the rental equipment while in customer’s possession, regardless of cause and customer will indemnify October Butterfly for all cost of defense thereof and judgments or settlement of claims resulting from damage to property injury arising from customer’s use of said equipment.

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